How to create your first customer


How to install your applications in plan2


Cloudbizz - Onboarding



Cloudbizz onboarding service can be used with WinSCP, It is a popular SFTP client and FTPS client for Microsoft Windows, and you can use this software to transfer your customers files to our onboarding server by following this tutorial

1. Onboarding Service

Login to our panel

  •  Click on Services in Customer Functions under the desired customer

  • Before provisionning Onboarding service, you need to provison your applications like Winbooks, FileSharing, BOB50, Kluwer... 

  • After provisionning your desired applications you can expand the Onboarding service and under (1 - Onboarding) you can see where this service will provide you access to.

  • (2) Please fill your email address to receive your credentials

3. Install WinSCP

  • Click on Install for all users                                                      

  • Click on Accept

  • Click on Next


  • Check "Commander" and click on Next

  • Click on Install

  • Uncheck "Open Getting started page" and
    Click Finish


4. First connection

Leave File protocol to SFTP

  1. Host name = migration.cloudbizz.com

  2. Port number = 7822

  3.  Enter username that you received from our panel

  4. Enter password that you received from our panel

  5. Click save if you want to save those settings

  6. Click Login

Click on yes when you receive the Warning

5. How to transfer data to Cloudbizz


1. In the left pane select files / folders that you want to transfer to the right pane (2)

2. The right pane is where you want to transfer your data


1. When you have selected files or folders in the left pane, click on Upload




1. Check Transfer in backgroud (add to transfer queue)

2. click on OK to start the transfer

3. If you want to preserve folder creation date click on Transfer settings...

                          And select Including directories then press OK                               

Activation Secure Connect MFA in Cloudbizz Panel

Activate Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

1. Provision service on Customer level

  • Open customer services in panel:

  • Provision Service Secure Connect (MFA)

2. Activate MFA on user level. 

  • Go to concerned user in "All Users" and open his services

  • Select Secure Connect (MFA)

  • Fill in Email Address and Mobile Phone number

  • Select Passcode Delivery Method

  • Provision

Passcode Delivery Methods: 

1. CensorNet Application: Through SMS Passcode Application on Android and IOS

2. Email

3. SMS


How to MFA Cloudbizz with Censornet

What is MFA ?

Multi-factor authentication is an electronic authentication method in which a computer user is granted access to a website or application only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence (or factors) to an authentication mechanism: knowledge (something only the user knows), possession (something only the user has), and inherence (something only the user is). It protects the user from an unknown person trying to access their data such as personal ID details or financial assets.

How to connect to Cloudbizz with MFA

If you don't have MFA enabled yet, please ask your reseller to enable it for you. Once done, follow steps below:

  1. Go to login website Connexion MFA (https://cloudbizz.com/connect-to-cloudbizz-mfa)

  2. Login in with your usual credentials (email address does not work here, only use username):

  3. You'll receive a passcode through your prevously chosen delivery method (SMS Passcode APP, Email or SMS):